Things you should know about cloud security in 2020
May 11, 2020

Things you should know about cloud security in 2020

In order to minimise costs, respond quickly to requests, and ensure data protection and compliance, the cloud can help handle the pressures IT organisations face. By embracing the cloud, these stresses can be minimised as it demonstrates better use of on-demand tools and services and therefore better security management policies.

This should be the first step in cloud strategy planning. You could begin by creating a strategic document which includes:

A general overview of the case for company.
Implementing specified steps
The Cloud Architecture Concept
Computers of the Strategy / Client
Monitoring and Control of the Programme
Company and IT partnership strategy

Choose right delivery model for your organization!
The best one is the one that suits the environments and their workloads to deliver the services your end user wants. Consider the variables unique to your data centre and its organisation to determine the correct model.


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